Lutradur Lanterns by Carolyn Sinclair

Two ball like structures of interwoven embroidered strips of Lutradur. One with orange and the other with purple stitching. Lit with small battery operated lights.

These delightful (and very impressive!) orbs were created by Carolyn Sinclair. She was inspired to make them after seeing a tutorial on how to make paper versions on a site called ‘Creative in Chicago‘.

The idea of turning a flat object into a 3-dimensional structure really appealed to her and, as a regular write for Bernina, they became her chosen project for the 15th December issue of Bernina’s blog.

Carolyn used Lutradur 30gsm to make the lanterns as, not only is it beautifully translucent, but it also has a certain stiffness, making it an ideal fabric for creating lightweight sculpture.

To illustrate the transparent quality of Lutradur - a photograph of a ladies left hand, which can be clearly seen behind an A4 piece of Lutradur 30gsm, .
A sample of Lutradur 30gsm

To read a full description of how the lanterns were made, the materials used and photographs of the various stages of construction, please visit the Bernina blog.

A row of five geometric ball-like structures sewn with blue, orange, purple, red and green thread and lit with a string of small battery operated lights.
To illuminate the lanterns, Carolyn used a string of  small battery operated lights.

by Ruth Morgan | January 21, 2022 | Posted in Lutradur