Lutradur Fashion Designs by Rebecca Latimer


Lutradur Dress

Innovative Fashion and Textile Design graduate Rebecca Latimer used Lutradur 100 in her final year degree project. The dress has a thermochromic textile print,  which when worn (activated by body temperature) becomes transparent, the 3D shapes at the bottom are also highlighted when worn.
White sleeveless dress made from Lutradur 100 with a dark thermochromic textile print, activated by body temperature

Dress with a thermochromic textile print


Laser Cut Lutradur Top by Rebecca Latimer

This second outfit is a top with a laser cut design, 3D collar with neoprene detailing and darts (Lutradur is very easy to sew and can easily have darts inserted). The skirt features 3D clear acrylic shapes that have been bonded to the Lutradur.
Model wearing white sleeveless top with laser cut design around lower section.

Top featuring laser cut design

Lutradur fashion designs by Rebecca Latimer –  To order Lutradur 100 visit our online shop Tel: 01332 554610

by Ruth Morgan | August 26, 2015 | Posted in Lutradur