Lutradur – available in SIX different weights

Lutradur is a versatile fabric suitable for any textile project

from the lightest, most translucent 25gms and 30gms . . .

Two small overlapping pieces of Lutradur 25 and Lutradur 30. The pieces are translucent, which shows the dark blue cloth underneath.

Samples of 25gms and 30gms

through to the medium weight 70gms and 70gms Black . . .

Two small pieces of Lutradur 70 and 70 Black on a dark blue background

Samples of 70gms and 70gms Black

to 100gms, 130gms and finally our heaviest weight . . . Lutradur XL!

Samples of the 3 heaviest weights, 100gms, 130gms and XL on a blue cloth background.

Samples of 100gms, 130gms and XL

Lutradur can be painted, printed, dyed, sewn, shaped, layered and distressed, but it will not tear or fray – making it ideal for all manner of art and craft projects! If you have not tried it before, please take a look at our blog for some creative ideas or why not contact us for some free samples? All weights of Lutradur are available from our online shop.  

by Ruth Morgan | July 31, 2017 | Posted in Lutradur