Karl Marius Sveen – Norwegian Designer/Artist

Karl Marius Sveen is an award winning Interior Architect and Furniture Designer, who studied at the National College of Art & Design in Bergen, Norway.

He draws inspiration from the Scandinavian way of thinking and living, by creating products and furniture which are simple in design, yet also aesthetic and functional.

Given his background, we were very excited when he ordered a roll of Evolon and were absolutely delighted when he sent us the following images of his work . . .

Big, bold, bright and colourful – they are a vibrant and stunning collection.

In Karl’s own words he explains his technique –

“I use industrial crayon with a frottage technique, before and after the paint. Then I paint and soak the Evolon on both sides with different thicknesses of acrylic.

In picture number 6 and 7, I’m working on how the paint soaks into the Evolon on the places where there is no crayon, just from the back of the work. I have got some great results from doing it this way, and am looking forward to my next roll of Evolon!”

Close up image of a section of one of Karl's coloured pieces of Evolon, showing horizontal and diagonal lines across areas of solid pale green and grey, broken up with broad black lines and outlined angular shapes.

Close up image of a section of one of Karl's coloured pieces of Evolon, showing areas of regularly spaced vertical, horizontal and diagonal black lines across a yellow background, separated with broad black lines and curves.

You can see more examples of this, and Karl’s other work, by visiting his brand new Instagram – the tiger is a mess 

We are definitely going to be following him!

by Ruth Morgan | January 16, 2020 | Posted in Evolon