How to use Lutradur to make a Gift Wrap Bow

Transfer Coloured Lutradur – a versatile alternative to ribbon!

Three potted herbs in a white wrought iron frame wrapped in a large decorative bow made from Lutradur 30 which has been coloured with lime green transfer paint

This lovely bow will not tear or fray and holds its shape beautifully.

Lutradur is perfect for gift wrapping, as it looks delicate, yet is very strong. It also holds its shape beautifully and can therefore be ‘tweaked’ to form the perfect presentation bow. These two examples were made from strips of Lutradur 30gsm, a synthetic lightweight material. Since it is only available in white, we used transfer paints to produce the exact shade required – a pretty feminine pink for the box of chocs and a gorgeous lime green for the herb planter. Of course, the Lutradur can be colour co-ordinated to suit any theme, whether it be for a wedding, christening, birthday, anniversary or a special Easter gift . . . Here’s what you will need – Lutradur 30gsm x 100cms x 15cms (as used for the planter) or other suitable size Copier paper Transfer paints and brushes Scissors Iron How to Make this Gift Wrap Bow A superb way of adding that personal touch to any gift! The entire range of Lutradur is available from our online shop  

by Ruth Morgan | March 18, 2016 | Posted in Lutradur