An Easter Bouquet of Daffodils using Evolon & Lutradur

And how to make them . . .

Items required to make the daffodils, including white fluted pastry cutters, scissors, transfer painted Evolon, a pack of green garden canes and a pencil.

Items used to make the Evolon daffodils.

A fluted pastry cutter provided the ideal template for drawing the basic shape of the flowers.  A slightly smaller pastry cutter provided the pattern for the inner layer of petals.

We made a dozen daffodils in total and no two are the same!

You will need –

Evolon Lutradur 100 Copier paper Transfer paint and brushes Fluted pastry cutters Garden sticks Scissors Iron
  • First, using the transfer paints, we coloured some of the Evolon in shades of yellow and orange, leaving some of the material white to give a contrast. We also coloured some Lutradur 100 in green for making the stamens and leaves.
  • Using fluted pastry cutters as a pattern, we drew some basic flower shapes and then formed the petals by cutting six evenly spaced slits about an inch long from the outer edge towards the centre.
  • To make the inner trumpet of the daffodils, we drew around the pastry cutter again and cut out a semicircle of Evolon. (This can be painted the same as the outer petals or in a contrasting colour). We then rolled up the semicircle to form a conical shape.
  • After making a small slit in the centre of the outer petals we pushed the tip of the trumpet through the hole. Provided the slit is not too big, you should find the trumpet will stay in place without the need for it to be fixed.
  • A few wisps of the green Lutradur 100 were also inserted to represent the stamens.
  • Then, using the smallest pastry cutter, we drew and cut out a fluted circle and coloured this green to cover the back of the daffodil before attaching each flower to a green garden stick.
  • To complete the arrangement, we cut strips of the green Lutradur (about 1.5cms wide) and shaped them at one end to form the leaf tips.
  • To give an attractive display, make several flowers of varying sizes and colours and cut the stems to different lengths for a natural look.
  You can obtain Lutradur and Evolon by visiting our online shop Artist –  Ruth Morgan

by Ruth Morgan | March 16, 2016 | Posted in Evolon, Lutradur