‘Chapel’ by Shelia Dalgleish using Lutradur

A web of Lutradur Black embellished with silver painted circles of decreasing size on a coloured background of blue and green.

‘Chapel’ by Shelia Dalgleish

Several months ago (January 2016) we featured three landscape pictures by Sheila, which she had created using Lutradur. Sheila has a passion for all forms of textile work and is currently busy planning another exhibition for February next year. However, we are pleased she has found time to send us a few images of some recent work. The first of which is featured above. Sheila was inspired to create this piece of work after attending a wedding in Edinburgh, where she discovered the Chapel of St Albert the Great, a beautiful new building with a striking structure.  After taking several photographs, Sheila decided to base her design on the supports. The majority of the piece is worked in Lutradur, with circles applied in silver paint, before being cut back. The larger circles have been embellished with small beads, which were also applied to the background. The simple lines echo those seen in the Chapel itself. If you wish to view our range of products, including Lutradur, please visit our online shop.  

by Ruth Morgan | November 10, 2017 | Posted in Lutradur