Spotlight on Evolon

Whether you are new to Evolon or a regular user, here are a few facts about this amazing fabric that you may not know . . .

Two A6 pieces of fabric, one labelled Evolon and the other Evolon Soft

Sample pieces of Evolon and Evolon Soft

A few insights into the manufacturing process . . .

  1. Evolon is a produced using a unique, worldwide patented manufacturing process.
  2. It’s production consists of only three components – polyester, polyamide and water.
  3. Polyester and polyamide chips are spun into endless filaments,  which are then uniformly laid on a belt.
  4. The filaments are then simultaneously split into microfilaments (up to 100 times thinner than a human hair!) and entangled together with high pressure water jets, creating a fabric.
  5. No chemical products are used to bind the fabric or enhance its performance.
  6. Evolon is PVC-free and contains no harmful substances.
  7. It has a dense, compact fibre structure which is very absorbent and quick to dry.

But the REAL FUN is using this versatile fabric . . .

Suitable for all sorts of projects – it can be painted, dyed, cut, sprayed, sewn etc. It does not fray or produce lint, so there’s no hemming required.

A few examples with a festive theme –

Snowman made using Evolon, painted face and small carrot shaped nose, wearing a painted green cap

Snowman body and painted carrot nose made using standard Evolon

A wooden clothes peg, dressed in a white conical Evolon dress and wings, with circular wire halo and arms holding a sign saying 'Peace'. The wings have tiny holes on the outer edges forming a random pattern.

Evolon angel made from a wooden clothes peg, thin grey wire and some silver braid

A conical green hat with red pointed trim around the lower edge

A hat for a Christmas Elf

Why not ask us for a free sample by emailing or calling 01332 554610. We look forward to hearing from you!

by Ruth Morgan | November 24, 2017 | Posted in Evolon