Artwork using Black Lutradur by Heather Tilley

We are delighted to feature three new pieces of work by textile artist, Heather Tilley. Heather has contributed images to our blog before, but this time she has used black Lutradur as her main fabric. The image above is entitled ‘Memories of Moscow’ and is of an Orthodox Church with reflections of the sunset on some of the windows and cupolas. The black Lutradur provides the perfect silhouette to give both contrast and a sense of atmosphere against the colourful sky, The picture below is one of Heather’s earlier attempts, featuring simple hand stitching on the buildings and based on one of her trips abroad. It is called ‘Going East’.

Sunset sky with orange, pink and yellow colours behind a silhouette of Eastern style buildings.

‘Going East’

A variet of Eastern style turrets in black Lutradur on top of a colourful blue, purple and orange sky.

‘Holiday Memories’

The final piece shows a range of buildings in a variety of styles and heights. The apertures and windows have been cut out to display the colourful sunset in the background. To see our entire range of Lutradur please visit our online shop.

by Ruth Morgan | March 27, 2017 | Posted in Lutradur