An Easter Bouquet using Evolon and Lutradur

Pale yellow daffodil with an orange centre, surrounded by other white and yellow daffodil type flowers.

We used two fluted pastry cutters as templates for some of our daffodils.

Bright orange daffodil type flower with yellow inner petals and orange centre.

Transfer paints create vibrant colours to help make a stunning display.

Daffodils always seem to herald the start of Spring and are a source of joy and colour at Easter. Our  flowers were made using transfer painted Evolon attached to green garden sticks. The leaves are made from strips of Lutradur 100gsm, which has also been transfer painted. We made these over a year ago using fluted pastry cutters as templates and they still look just as bright and cheerful! You can see our range of Evolon and Lutradur by visiting our online shop.  

by Ruth Morgan | April 5, 2017 | Posted in Evolon, Lutradur