‘Terra Incognita’ by Penny Burnfield

Three mountain ranges made of Lutradur and dappled with diluted blue, brown and white acrylic paint.

‘Terra Incognita’ by Penny Burnfield – photograph by Yeshen Venema

This very large and rather magnificent piece has been created by Penny Burnfield and is currently on display at the Midlands Art Centre (MAC) until 9th September 2018, as part of the 62 Group Exhibition ‘Ctrl/Shift’. The title ‘Terra Incognita’ refers to unknown mountains/territory, but also to the challenge of working with unfamiliar materials and processes, which was part of the brief for this exhibition. The work consists of three folding elements, the tallest of which is about 180cms high. Each section consists of two layers of Lutradur 100gms, painted with diluted acrylic paints, with a core of thin, translucent ‘Correx’ type plastic to give rigidity. Penny says the whole thing is very lightweight and folds up easily for transport and can be displayed in various configurations.
Close up photograph, showing how the blue, brown and white acrylic paint has been applied and allowed to mingle.

Close ups – photographs by Yeshen Venema

We couldn’t resist going along to the exhibition ourselves (as you can see in our featured image). All other images are courtesy of professional Product Photographer, Yeshen Venema. Why not take a look yourself? Opening times and further details about the exhibition can be found by visiting the MAC website.

by Ruth Morgan | August 24, 2018 | Posted in Lutradur