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Lutradur in a Variety of Weights

by Ruth Morgan | July 29, 2022 | Posted in Lutradur

Just recently, we’ve noticed there seems to be some confusion as to how many different weights of Lutradur are available to buy. Some sources say only one or two, whereas we are happy to confirm we stock and supply 5 (yes 5!) different weights, namely 30gsm, 70gsm (white or black), 100gsm, 130gsm and XL and have done for a number of years. As one of the most versatile and easy to use fabrics on the market, Lutradur is a wonderful non-woven material suitable for all manner of projects – just take a look at the examples on our website. […]

‘Roots’ by Karen Lane

by Ruth Morgan | October 25, 2019 | Posted in Lutradur

This beautiful piece of work by Karen Lane, seems to embody all the colours, textures and essence of autumn, so is very appropriate for this time of year. It is a great example of how Lutradur can be adapted to represent all the various textures from sturdy tree bark through to delicate leaves. Karen is a Feltmaker and Textile Artist and we are fortunate to have featured her work several times in the past. Each piece always meets with a great deal of appreciation for the life-like accuracy of her work and her attention to detail. In Karen’s own words she describes how it […]

A Walk in the Forest by Karen Lane

by Ruth Morgan | August 3, 2018 | Posted in Lutradur

We are delighted to showcase this beautiful piece designed and made by Karen Lane, Feltmaker and Textile Artist. The close-up photograph helps to show the exquisite attention to detail Karen has achieved on the ferns and tree trunks. In her own words, Karen describes how it was created – “This art quilt is 20″ x 16” and was made primarily with 70gms Lutradur, cut using a fine tip soldering iron and painted with acrylics. The woodland is constructed from six layers, each layer is painted in a slightly lighter shade than the next, working from dark to light, to create […]