St George’s Day – Child’s Costume in Evolon

We’ve all heard of a knight in shining armour, but our little model is wearing a tunic made from Evolon!

Using one of his t-shirts as a guide, we cut a front and back panel out of a metre piece of Evolon and machine stitched them together at the shoulders.
Small boy wearing a grey hoodie under white tunic with large red cross on the front, holding a toy plastic sword under his chin.

A hooded top helps give the impression of armour.

We made a pattern for the cross and then cut out the shape from the remaining Evolon before painting it red with acrylic paint. The cross was machine stitched to the front of the tunic (although we could have attached it by using a self adhesive medium, such as Bondaweb).
Back view of little boy wearing grey hoodie and white tunic top, showing tie fastenings.

Tie fastenings ensure the costume will fit for many years to come.

We left the sides open, but attached two sets of tapes under the armholes and at the waist to tie at the back for adjusting the fit. A few accessories from the local toy shop helped to complete our hero’s outfit!
Small boy weilding a toy sword, wearing a grey hoodie under white Evolon tunic with large red cross on the front

Now where’s that Dragon! . . .


by Ruth Morgan | April 20, 2018 | Posted in Evolon