Pen Pot or Paintbrush holder – using Lutradur

Two boxes of Pringles, but the one on the right has been covered with blue transfer painted Lutradur and decorated with a series of tiny holes.

A useful pen/paintbrush holder to add a splash of colour to any desktop!

applying heat with a soldering iron to burn holes in Lutradur

Tip: Draw your design on the reverse side, before using the soldering iron.

Now that the children are back at school, why not try decorating a useful pen pot for them? First find a box of crisps (we didn’t have any trouble emptying ours!) and cut a piece of Lutradur 70gsm the same height as the box and long enough to fit all the way round. Then colour the Lutradur using transfer or acrylic paint, before decorating. We used a soldering iron to create a series of tiny holes for our design, but you could easily write a child’s name using the same method or perhaps add some other form of decoration? (We would always recommend the use of a face mask when applying heat to any nonwoven material). All weights of Lutradur are available from our online shop.

by Ruth Morgan | September 11, 2017 | Posted in Lutradur