Lutradur Wall Hanging by Heather Tilley

A patchwork of cottage garden flowers; yellow and orange irises, pink lupins and white lace-cap hydrangeas, against a leafy background.
‘Recycled June’ by Heather Tilley
(144cms x 82cms)

This is the latest piece of work sent into us by the artist Heather Tilley. We have featured Heather’s work on four previous occasions and each time we feel in awe of  her talent!

She says “I decided to make a wall-hanging and started thinking about the flowers growing near the wall in my garden. I began by looking for scraps of fabric, such as green cotton or polycotton material, but only found small pieces, so it turned into a patchwork which needed backing.”

Heather stitched the component parts on to Lutradur 100 to provide a strong, stable background and used Lutradur 70 to cut the shapes for the lupins, irises, and hydrangea florets. The lupins were given extra definition with two layers of wadding to emphasise the individual flowers and the little white hydrangeas were either sewn directly on to the fabric or cut from Lutradur and decorated with off-white thread.

An array of printed leaves, remnants of a linen skirt (ferns) and flowers from a net curtain and a piece of nylon lace, also found their place amongst the composition.

In total 71 hours work!

Artist: Heather Tilley (Heather Tilley holds the copyright for all of her designs)

by Ruth Morgan | August 13, 2019 | Posted in Lutradur