Lutradur Landscapes by Sian Kibblewhite

We are delighted to publish two more images of work by Sian Kibblewhite, who is a regular contributor to our website. Sian has been involved with textiles for many years and specialises in creating landscape pictures using various techniques and materials. These images are slightly different from those previously published inasmuch as Sian has used masking tape to divide both scenes, adding a new twist to her work. She begins by colouring the Lutradur with a dilute solution of acrylic paint, using a spray bottle. She then creates a design with pieces of Lutradur, which she cuts using a soldering iron. These are then attached to the background with free machine embroidery.

Abstract landscape with mixture of grey, orange and white tones. With one vertical and one horizontal line, which cross near the bottom left hand corner.

‘Kibb 07’

An abstract landscape of fields, hedges and trees in various shades of grey, with two vertical lines dividing the image into three sections.

‘Kibb 09’


by Ruth Morgan | September 21, 2018 | Posted in Lutradur