Lutradur Crowns & Coronets for the Jubilee Celebrations!

We used Lutradur 130gsm to make these crowns – it is much stronger than paper or card, yet wonderfully flexible.

Transfer paints were used to colour the Lutradur (although acrylic paints would have worked equally well). We chose Golden Yellow for the basic crown and Scarlet and Vivid Blue for the large decorative spots.

Using the same basic template as above, we made a second crown, but this time used Wine Red transfer paint and added some little diamond shapes of white and purple.

Again, the same template, but with a mix of spots and diamonds as decorations, plus an extra coloured band around the base.

For our fourth and final crown, we chose a different design . . . A simple ring of Lutradur 130gsm, but with 3 narrow strips long enough to cross over the top and be fastened to the rim.

A large circle of Evolon Soft (coloured with Scarlet transfer paint) was secured to the inside to represent a velvet lining. To give the crown a more regal appearance, we added a couple of extra bands to the base.

It was a little more tricky to make than the other three crowns, but well worth it!

A large red button provided the finishing touch!

by Ruth Morgan | May 24, 2022 | Posted in Lutradur