Halloween Ideas – Evolon Ghosts

Ghostly goings on . . .

Here at Spunart, we’ve been busy making a mobile for Halloween using a pair of wire coat hangers for the frame.

We began by designing a cardboard template and cutting out two pieces of Evolon per ghost, which we machine stitched together leaving the bottom section completely open. A small amount of wadding was then put inside each one to give them a lovely soft padded shape. We thought it would be rather fun if our ghosts glowed in the dark, so we painted them with luminous paint, before using a black biro to draw on their eyebrows and fingers. Finally, we gave them some self-adhesive wiggley eyes so they could all see! The crescent moon was also made out of Evolon, but coloured using yellow transfer paint and the stars were made from transfer painted Lutradur. Finally, we attached the ghosts, moon and stars to our coathanger frame using invisible thread.
Two wire coathangers joined together at right angles, decorated with little white ghosts with hands outstretched floating amonst yellow and orange stars around a yellow crescent moon.

Evolon is frightfully good for making ghosts . . .

If you look up among the stars tonight You may see more than just moonlight
For at this spooky time of year Swarms of spectres do appear
They float and swoop amongst the cloud Laughing and screeching rather loud
They try their best to shock and scare But giggle so much they hardly care!

Happy Halloween!

by Ruth Morgan | October 18, 2018 | Posted in Evolon