Halloween Bats made from Lutradur Black

A bat made from Lutradur Black with its wings outstretched. The two layers of fabric has been machine stitched together along the top edge of the wings, with lines of machine stitching also being used to represent the bones of the wings. The bat has an oval grey body and white eyes with black pupils.
This cheeky little bat wouldn’t scare anyone!

We made our first batch of bats in 2015 and they have proved to be one of our most popular Halloween projects.

Lutradur Black was the ideal choice of material, not just because it’s the right colour, but also because it’s semi-transparent and lightweight, just like a real bat! Best of all, Lutradur does not fray or tear making it incredibly easy to cut and sew.

An A4 pack of Lutradur 70gsm Black, a cardboard bat template, a completed bat, a small piece of Evolon and a black biro.

Each bat was made from two layers of Lutradur 70gsm Black, cut from a single A4 sheet, machine stitched along the top edge, with additional machine stitching to represent the bone structure of the wings.

We used a piece of Evolon for the body (as it feels similar to suede – a bit like fur) which we coloured black, before gluing in position. The white eyes were also cut from Evolon, with little pupils drawn on with the help of a black biro.

A collection of six bats of two different designs, some with their wings pointing upwards, others with their wings outstretched.
Did you know a group of bats is called a colony, cloud or camp?

by Ruth Morgan | September 25, 2020 | Posted in Lutradur