Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

Bunting – Acrylic Painted Lutradur 100

Pretty shades of pink, mauve and purple bunting attached to white ribbon. Each flag has a white letter attached, which linked together spells Mothers Day.

Why not show your Mum you love her with personalised message on our easy to make bunting.


  Lavender Sachets – Transfer Painted Zeelon Light and Lutradur 30 

Three Lavender Sachets in delicately coloured shades of purple, lime and rose red. The lavender seeds inside can be seen through the semi-transparent Zeelon

Use these delightful Lavender Sachets to perfume your clothes or brighten up your dressing table.

 Brush or Pen Pot – Transfer Painted Lutradur 100 with Soldered Design

A small round empty crisp carton, covered with Lutradur which has been coloured blue and decorated by melting small holes in the Lutradur with a soldering iron to produce a design.

See what you can do with an empty crisp carton! We covered this one with Lutradur and then decorated it using a soldering iron.


Make-up Brush Holder – Transfer Painted Lutradur 100 (with soldering design) Transfer Painted Evolon Flowers

Green and white coloured Lutradur make up brush holder embellised with two flowers made from Evolon which has been coloured yellow.

This useful make-up brush holder is really an empty spice jar in disguise!


Equipment – Empty Spice Jar and Pringle Box, Lutradur 100, Evolon, Transfer Paints, Brush and Soldering Iron. 

Items used to make brush containers - Lutradur 100, Evolon, transfer paints, empty cartons, A4 paper, brush and a soldering iron.

Here’s a snap shot of the items we used to make the two items above.


by Ruth Morgan | March 1, 2015 | Posted in Evolon, Lutradur, Zeelon