Forest Trees & Two Other Pieces by Sian Kibblewhite

We are delighted to share some more examples of work by Textile Artist, Sian Kibblewhite.

Sian has been involved in textiles for over 30 years, both as a Middle School Teacher and also a Textile Artist in her own right. She specialises in mixed media landscapes using a variety of techniques and is a regular contributor to our website.
Tall narrow piece of artwork in various shades of grey, with single storey cottage in middle ground, and orange coloured relief section in foreground

‘Kibb 11’

Using Lutradur as her base material, Sian describes how she creates her work – “I colour the Lutradur with dilute acrylic paint using a spray bottle . . . I then create the design using cut pieces of Lutradur using a soldering iron. These are attached to the background with free machine embroidery.”
Portrait shaped imaginery landscape with russet colours in the foreground, shades of grey trees in the middle of the picture under a sky of mauve.

‘Kibb 6’

The abstract nature of Sian’s technique, creates beautiful imaginative scenes.
Two dark greeny brown trees on the left, silhouetted against softly coloured abstract background colour of mauve, pink, blue and olive green.

Forest Trees by Sian Kibblewhite

We look forward to publishing more of Sian’s work in the near future. (If you would like to contribute to our gallery, please do not hesitate to email us at  

by Ruth Morgan | July 24, 2018 | Posted in Lutradur