Facemasks in Evolon

We’ve been very busy making masks out of Evolon . . .

Like so many people, we’ve been looking for ways to help during the lockdown. One very successful idea has been to make these masks, which have proved very popular with friends and family.

If you are new to Evolon, there are several reasons why Evolon is perfect for this project –

  • Very easy to cut and sew
  • Does not fray or need hemming
  • Gentle to wear next to the skin
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Holds its shape
  • Washes well (can be machine washed multiple times)

Here’s how we made them . . .

Photograph of three different sizes of facemask templates, labelled adult male, adult female and child.
First cut out two left and two right hand pieces (4 altogether) for each mask.
(Templates are readily available to download from various websites)
Image of white Evolon facemask in the process of being made. The curved edges has been machine stitched together and a pair of large scissors with orange handles lie next to the mask to show the excess material being cut off.
Sew the 4 curved edges together and then trim off the excess.
Two masks, one showing the inside where the side seams have been sewn. The other viewed from the outside, with orange loops of elastic threaded through the side seams.
Open out and sew along the top and bottom edges, joining the two layers together and adding trim if required.
Turn back the sides and sew to form casing for elastic.

It’s as easy as that and, of course, any mask can be customised to suit the wearer!

Stay safe everyone.

by Ruth Morgan | June 11, 2020 | Posted in Evolon