Christmas Elf Hat

Little boy wearing a dark green t-shirt, light green elf's hat with a red brim and matching pointy collar. Same little boy, playing with the bell on his elf's hat.

Elf Hat (& Collar) made from Evolon

If you need to dress up a little person (or a big person) for a Christmas or Fancy Dress party, Evolon is an ideal material to use. It is easy to dye and cut to shape and best of all it doesn’t require any hemming. Our little Elf is going to a party later this week and we were able to make this hat and matching collar out of some Evolon which we had previously dyed. He found the bell a little distracting, so we decided to take it off, but otherwise he seemed more than happy with his new hat! To reward our little model we gave him some chocolate money from the Advent calendar, which he seemed to enjoy.

Same little boy, holding a chocolate penny up to the camera.

With best wishes to all our customers for a peaceful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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by Ruth Morgan | December 13, 2016 | Posted in Evolon