Car Cleaning Mit made from Evolon Soft

We’re hoping this gift idea will appeal to the man who likes to keep his car looking pristine!

Our over-sized mit is made of Evolon Soft, an absorbent lint-free material, which is ideal for cleaning and polishing.

We’ve made this one in our guy’s favourite football team colours and added his initials in a number plate style font for a personalised touch.

Large yellow cleaning mitten with rows of fringed Evolon soft sewn lengthways from finger tip to wrist

The multiple Evolon tufts provide great absorbency, yet dry quickly too!

To make –

Two yellow mitten shapes, one with strips of Evolon attached to it and the other lying on top of a thin sheet of wadding

To achieve a good density of tufting attach between 12 and 20 strips of Evolon to the palm side

  1. Simply colour some Evolon Soft using transfer paint and cut out four mitten shaped pieces (two left and two right).
  2. Cut several strips, approximately 2″ wide to suit the length of the glove.
  3. Fold the strips in half lengthways and press, then attach to the palm side by machine stitching along the central crease.
  4. Sandwich some thin wadding between the two left and two right hand pieces and machine stitch in place.
  5. Decorate the mit with a design or initials of your choice.
  6. With the right sides together, join the two padded pieces, trimming any excess fabric before turning right side out.
  7. Finally snip the strips of Evolon on the palm side to form tufts and create a thick mop of cleaning genius!

Half way through the tufting process


by Ruth Morgan | June 11, 2018 | Posted in Evolon