‘Burlesque’ by Karen Lane

Tall oblong wall hanging, with various coloured materials sewn  vertically on to a lightly coloured Lutradur background.  The image has streaks of black, grey, brown and a dark red material, which are randomly applied, and splay outwards at the top and bottom, likes branches and roots of a tree.
What do you see? A dress or a tree?

We’re delighted to present this latest piece of work sent into us by Karen Lane, a Feltmaker and Textile Artist, who has become a regular and valued contributor to our website.

This piece measures 88cms x 48cms and includes various natural fibres, scrim, synthetic fabrics and silk, which have all been machine stitched on to a painted background of Lutradur 70gsm.

Karen says the layout is totally random but that (as with any abstract work) we tend to see things that weren’t necessarily planned. In this case, once the red fabric had been applied, Karen saw a Burlesque style dress, whereas others have said they see a tree.

If you would like to see more of Karen’s work, she has a wonderful display of various items on her website Lincsinstitches.com

by Ruth Morgan | May 14, 2020 | Posted in Lutradur