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Lutradur Landscapes by Sian Kibblewhite

by Ruth Morgan | September 21, 2018 | Posted in Lutradur

We are delighted to publish two more images of work by Sian Kibblewhite, who is a regular contributor to our website. Sian has been involved with textiles for many years and specialises in creating landscape pictures using various techniques and materials. These images are slightly different from those previously published inasmuch as Sian has used masking tape to divide both scenes, adding a new twist to her work. She begins by colouring the Lutradur with a dilute solution of acrylic paint, using a spray bottle. She then creates a design with pieces of Lutradur, which she cuts using a soldering iron. These are then attached to the […]

Lutradur Landscape by Sian Kibblewhite

by Ruth Morgan | June 30, 2017 | Posted in Lutradur

Sian Kibblewhite has been involved with textiles for many years, not only as a teacher, but also  as a textile artist in her own right. She specialises in creating landscape pictures using various techniques and materials. Here we showcase an example of her work made from using layers of Lutradur. The image above shows the tree featured in her ‘Misty Morning’ landscape in closer detail. In her own words Sian describes how she makes her pictures – ‘I usually spray the Lutradur with a watered down acrylic paint to get various effects as the paint dribbles down the fabric. By spraying you can achieve various intensities of […]

Lutradur Landscapes by Sheila Dalgleish

by Ruth Morgan | January 15, 2016 | Posted in Lutradur

Sheila Dalgleish – an introduction Although Sheila Dagleish has received no formal art training, she has a passion for all forms of textile work, including embroidery, cross stitch, goldwork, tapestry weaving and quilting. In later years she discovered art quilting and as you will see from the images below, she has developed an impressive talent and style. Her all-time inspiration is landscape and here we feature just three examples of her art using Lutradur. Sheila has taken part in several exhibitions, but in 2015 she had her first solo exhibition in Edinburgh, entitled ‘North’.  We hope you are as impressed as we are with the […]