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‘Butterfly Effect’ by Merle Axelrad (incorporating Lutradur)

by Ruth Morgan | September 4, 2020 | Posted in Lutradur

This large suspended sculpture of butterflies was commissioned by Los Angeles County for The Arcadia Mental Health Centre and installed in the main entrance lobby of the outpatients department in 2015. It measures 10 feet x 16 feet x 12.5 feet and depicts a cluster of approximately 10,000 Monarch butterflies made from hand-painted and silk-screened materials (including Lutradur), hanging from six aluminium eucalyptus branches, 23 feet above floor level. A symbol of transformation and new beginnings, the artist, Merle Axelrad states on her website that ‘The outpatient mental health clinic is all about change’ and ‘butterflies are the perfect […]

‘Terra Incognita’ by Penny Burnfield

by Ruth Morgan | August 24, 2018 | Posted in Lutradur

This very large and rather magnificent piece has been created by Penny Burnfield and is currently on display at the Midlands Art Centre (MAC) until 9th September 2018, as part of the 62 Group Exhibition ‘Ctrl/Shift’. The title ‘Terra Incognita’ refers to unknown mountains/territory, but also to the challenge of working with unfamiliar materials and processes, which was part of the brief for this exhibition. The work consists of three folding elements, the tallest of which is about 180cms high. Each section consists of two layers of Lutradur 100gms, painted with diluted acrylic paints, with a core of thin, translucent ‘Correx’ type plastic to […]