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Lutradur Wall Hanging by Heather Tilley

by Ruth Morgan | August 13, 2019 | Posted in Lutradur

This is the latest piece of work sent into us by the artist Heather Tilley. We have featured Heather’s work on four previous occasions and each time we feel in awe of  her talent! She says “I decided to make a wall-hanging and started thinking about the flowers growing near the wall in my garden. I began by looking for scraps of fabric, such as green cotton or polycotton material, but only found small pieces, so it turned into a patchwork which needed backing.” Heather stitched the component parts on to Lutradur 100 to provide a strong, stable background and used Lutradur 70 to […]

Wall Hanging by Heather Tilley using Lutradur

by Ruth Morgan | July 24, 2017 | Posted in Lutradur

Long hot summer by Heather Tilley This image of was sent to us by the artist Heather Tilley.  It is a 140cm wide wall hanging and, we think you will agree, it encapsulates all the atmosphere of hot days and balmy summer evenings. Heather created this piece using images, which she put on transfer film, before printing them on to the Lutradur. She painted and stitched the butterflies (see top photograph) and then assembled the final work by stitching other printed and embroidered sections to a primed canvas. If you would like to try working with Lutradur, please contact us or visit our online shop. Artist:  Heather Tilley (Heather […]

Machine stitched Lutradur Leaf by Marion Barnett

by Ruth Morgan | May 23, 2017 | Posted in Lutradur

This pretty little leaf is the size and shape of a birch leaf. (Admittedly, it should have serrated edges, but this one is plain). All of the stitch is free motion machine stitching using variegated cotton thread. If you would like to try making one for yourself, start with a piece of Lutradur; this is Lutradur 70gsm which has been transfer dyed on both sides, but you could paint it if you wish using acrylic or fabric paint which has been thinned down a little. Begin by stitching the edges; if you don’t feel comfortable doing this without a pattern, trace a […]