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Lutradur Lace for an Easter Bonnet?

by Ruth Morgan | April 12, 2017 | Posted in Lutradur

Marion Barnett has kindly written the following instructions for making Lutradur lace. Marion is a very well known and respected textile artist and was one of the very first to work with Lutradur and Evolon, when we introduced these fabrics to the market some years ago. Making Lutradur Lace by Marion Barnett One of the great things about Lutradur is that, although it looks and feels delicate, it is, in fact, remarkably strong. That makes it a wonderful base for all sorts of stitch techniques. I often use it to make a form of embroidered lace; the heavier the weight, the stiffer the lace will […]

An Easter Bouquet using Evolon and Lutradur

by Ruth Morgan | April 5, 2017 | Posted in Evolon, Lutradur

Daffodils always seem to herald the start of Spring and are a source of joy and colour at Easter. Our  flowers were made using transfer painted Evolon attached to green garden sticks. The leaves are made from strips of Lutradur 100gsm, which has also been transfer painted. We made these over a year ago using fluted pastry cutters as templates and they still look just as bright and cheerful! You can see our range of Evolon and Lutradur by visiting our online shop.  

Lutradur Tulips for Easter

by Ruth Morgan | March 24, 2016 | Posted in Lutradur

Brighten your Home with a Colourful Spring Bouquet What a great gift for Easter, a bunch of tulips that you can make using Lutradur 25, and some simple soft plant ties for the stems. Make your own flowers, cut to shape with Lutradur 25, then transfer paint them in a variety of colours. We think you will agree that this is a super colourful gift to make, and  to give at Easter. Visit our online shop

How to use Lutradur to make a Gift Wrap Bow

by Ruth Morgan | March 18, 2016 | Posted in Lutradur

Transfer Coloured Lutradur – a versatile alternative to ribbon! Lutradur is perfect for gift wrapping, as it looks delicate, yet is very strong. It also holds its shape beautifully and can therefore be ‘tweaked’ to form the perfect presentation bow. These two examples were made from strips of Lutradur 30gsm, a synthetic lightweight material. Since it is only available in white, we used transfer paints to produce the exact shade required – a pretty feminine pink for the box of chocs and a gorgeous lime green for the herb planter. Of course, the Lutradur can be colour co-ordinated to suit any theme, whether it be for a wedding, christening, birthday, […]

An Easter Bouquet of Daffodils using Evolon & Lutradur

by Ruth Morgan | March 16, 2016 | Posted in Evolon, Lutradur

And how to make them . . . A fluted pastry cutter provided the ideal template for drawing the basic shape of the flowers.  A slightly smaller pastry cutter provided the pattern for the inner layer of petals. We made a dozen daffodils in total and no two are the same! You will need – Evolon Lutradur 100 Copier paper Transfer paint and brushes Fluted pastry cutters Garden sticks Scissors Iron First, using the transfer paints, we coloured some of the Evolon in shades of yellow and orange, leaving some of the material white to give a contrast. We also coloured some […]

Easter Bunny Ears made from Evolon

by Ruth Morgan | March 25, 2015 | Posted in Evolon

               Easter Bunny ears made with Evolon, coloured using dye from a tea bag!

Celebrate Easter with Evolon Daffodils

by Ruth Morgan | | Posted in Evolon, Lutradur

  Daffodils made using Evolon and Lutradur 100 – Transfer painted