Embroidered Lampshade by Jackie Cawthray

Cylindrical table lamp embroidered with flower outlines in varigated thread on a multi coloured background.

As Lutradur is a translucent material, it is particularly good for use in creative lighting.

Photograph of the same lamp lit up, showing the detail at the top where the Lutradur has been cut away and burnt.

The embroidered flowers become quite distinctive when the lamp is switched on

                            Jackie Cawthray, one of our customers who lives in France, used Lutradur 70gsm to make this delightful lampshade. First, she painted the Lutradur with two thin layers of acrylic paint (which had been diluted so that the colours blended) and then embroidered the fabric from the reverse side, using a variegated cotton knitting yarn. Jackie then cut away the top and burnt the Lutradur with a hot air gun to give the lampshade its distinctive finish. After attaching a few beads, the Lutradur was glued together to form a cylinder and placed on to a wooden lamp base. Voila!! To see our entire range of Lutradur please visit our online shop.    

by Ruth Morgan | March 6, 2017 | Posted in Lutradur