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A bit of fun for Halloween . . .

Smiling witch, dressed in orange and black with crooked witch's hat, holds a orange pumpkin made out of Lutradur, with two bats behind her, made out of Lutradur Black.

. . . and here’s a Lutradur pumpkin I made earlier.

Myrtle is a friendly witch
Who lives amongst the trees
She likes to ride her broomstick
But it plays havoc with her knees

Sometimes she likes to stay at home
(When her knees are very sore)
By making, not spells and potions,
But things from Lutradur!

Lutradur is a fabulously versatile fabric and remember Lutradur Black is ideal for Halloween crafts as there is no need to colour it when making bats (as illustrated), cats or witches’ hats.

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Lutradur Pumpkins with Evolon Stalks


Why not add a touch of atmosphere to your Halloween celebrations this year with these pumpkins made out of Lutradur and Evolon?

We used a set of battery operated fairy lights to illuminate our display (£2.50 from Wilkinsons including batteries) and we hope you like the effect as much as we do.

Just imagine how attractive they would look softly glowing in a hall window on a dark and spooky October evening . . .

Three orange pumpkins made out of Lutradur and Evolon, resting on straw and illuminated by battery operatd fairy lights.

For a different effect, the pumpkins could be displayed like lanterns.

To make the pumpkins we coloured some Lutradur 70gms with orange transfer paint and then drew a circle for each pumpkin using a compass.  Keeping the compass at the same radius (and remembering some school geometry!) we divided each circle into six ‘petals’  which resembled a flower when cut out.

For added interest, some surplus strips of Lutradur were machine stitched to each segment, before joining all the outer tips together to form the pumpkins.

The stalks and tops were made out Evolon which we coloured using green transfer paint. A narrow strip of Evolon was tightly rolled to form each stalk and made long enough to pass all the way through the pumpkin. This helped to pull all the sections together and create a nice bulbous shape.

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Pen Pot or Paintbrush holder – using Lutradur

Two boxes of Pringles, but the one on the right has been covered with blue transfer painted Lutradur and decorated with a series of tiny holes.

A useful pen/paintbrush holder to add a splash of colour to any desktop!

applying heat with a soldering iron to burn holes in Lutradur

Tip: Draw your design on the reverse side, before using the soldering iron.

Now that the children are back at school, why not try decorating a useful pen pot for them?

First find a box of crisps (we didn’t have any trouble emptying ours!) and cut a piece of Lutradur 70gsm the same height as the box and long enough to fit all the way round. Then colour the Lutradur using transfer or acrylic paint, before decorating.

We used a soldering iron to create a series of tiny holes for our design, but you could easily write a child’s name using the same method or perhaps add some other form of decoration?

(We would always recommend the use of a face mask when applying heat to any nonwoven material).

All weights of Lutradur are available from our online shop.

‘Autumn’ by Sylvia Stead using Lutradur

Light coloured rough bark embellishd with small orange and brown painted leaves and hand sewn moths.

‘Autumn’ by Silvia Stead

This unusual piece was created by Silver Stead and depicts the essence and colours of autumn. The leaves were made from Lutradur 100,  which she hand cut and coloured using acrylic paint in various subtle shades of orange, yellow and brown.

When dry, the leaves were attached to a background of Mulberry bark, creating a tactile and interesting composition.

As a final touch, Sylvia added some small hand sewn moths.
Just a reminder that autumn is on its way!

All weights of Lutradur are available from our online shop.


Lutradur – available in SIX different weights

Lutradur is a versatile fabric suitable for any textile project

from the lightest, most translucent 25gms and 30gms . . .

Two small overlapping pieces of Lutradur 25 and Lutradur 30. The pieces are translucent, which shows the dark blue cloth underneath.

Samples of 25gms and 30gms

through to the medium weight 70gms and 70gms Black . . .

Two small pieces of Lutradur 70 and 70 Black on a dark blue background

Samples of 70gms and 70gms Black

to 100gms, 130gms and finally our heaviest weight . . . Lutradur XL!

Samples of the 3 heaviest weights, 100gms, 130gms and XL on a blue cloth background.

Samples of 100gms, 130gms and XL

Lutradur can be painted, printed, dyed, sewn, shaped, layered and distressed, but it will not tear or fray – making it ideal for all manner of art and craft projects!

If you have not tried it before, please take a look at our blog for some creative ideas or why not contact us for some free samples?

All weights of Lutradur are available from our online shop.