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Lutradur – available in SIX different weights

Lutradur is a versatile fabric suitable for any textile project

from the lightest, most translucent 25gms and 30gms . . .

Two small overlapping pieces of Lutradur 25 and Lutradur 30. The pieces are translucent, which shows the dark blue cloth underneath.

Samples of 25gms and 30gms

through to the medium weight 70gms and 70gms Black . . .

Two small pieces of Lutradur 70 and 70 Black on a dark blue background

Samples of 70gms and 70gms Black

to 100gms, 130gms and finally our heaviest weight . . . Lutradur XL!

Samples of the 3 heaviest weights, 100gms, 130gms and XL on a blue cloth background.

Samples of 100gms, 130gms and XL

Lutradur can be painted, printed, dyed, sewn, shaped, layered and distressed, but it will not tear or fray – making it ideal for all manner of art and craft projects!

If you have not tried it before, please take a look at our blog for some creative ideas or why not contact us for some free samples?

All weights of Lutradur are available from our online shop.


Wall Hanging by Heather Tilley using Lutradur

Long hot summer by Heather Tilley

Wide piece of fabric art, made up of separate sections joined together. Brightly coloured in red, orange and yellow and embellised with embroided butterflies.

Long Hot Summer by Heather Tilley

This image of was sent to us by the artist Heather Tilley.  It is a 140cm wide wall hanging and, we think you will agree, it encapsulates all the atmosphere of hot days and balmy summer evenings.

Heather created this piece using images, which she put on transfer film, before printing them on to the Lutradur. She painted and stitched the butterflies (see top photograph) and then assembled the final work by stitching other printed and embroidered sections to a primed canvas.

If you would like to try working with Lutradur, please contact us or visit our online shop.

Artist:  Heather Tilley
(Heather Tilley holds the copyright for all of her designs)




Hedgerow by Sian Kibblewhite

Black and white cow parsley stems machine stitched on to a blue and pink background

Hedgerow by Sian Kibblewhite

We are delighted to publish another beautiful piece of artwork by Sian Kibblewhite.

Sian is an accomplished textile artist, who specialises in fabric landscapes and takes her inspiration from natural colours and textures.

Here she has sprayed the Lutradur background with diluted acrylic paint and then carefully cut out the shapes of the cow parsley with a fine soldering iron. The stems have then been attached to the background using machine embroidery. (Lutradur is an ideal medium for this type of work as it is easy to colour, holds its shape and does not fray or tear).

If you would like to see more examples of Sian’s artwork, please visit her website

Our entire range of Lutradur can be viewed by visiting our online shop.

Lutradur Landscape by Sian Kibblewhite

Sian Kibblewhite has been involved with textiles for many years, not only as a teacher, but also  as a textile artist in her own right. She specialises in creating landscape pictures using various techniques and materials. Here we showcase an example of her work made from using layers of Lutradur. The image above shows the tree featured in her ‘Misty Morning’ landscape in closer detail.

In her own words Sian describes how she makes her pictures –

‘I usually spray the Lutradur with a watered down acrylic paint to get various effects as the paint dribbles down the fabric. By spraying you can achieve various intensities of colour and blend shades together, which is excellent for landscapes.

I spend a considerable time looking at the type of marks/effects that have been achieved by the colouring process and take my lead from this to develop my landscapes.

To cut out the shapes I use a fine tip soldering iron which gives me a fine line for hedges, trees and branches. These are then attached to the background by free machine embroidery to ensure all layers are secure.’


A landscape of abstract shapes of brown and blue with a small simple tree positioned on the righthand side of the picture.

Misty Morning by Sian Kibblewhite

We hope to feature more of Sian’s work over the next few weeks, but if you would like to see
more images of her art, please visit her website

Our entire range of Lutradur can be viewed by visiting our online shop.