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Non-woven fabrics are exciting new materials for textile artists and designers of fiber art, you can sew it, spray it, glue it, embroider it, and it does not fray at the edges.
The special spunbonding process provides a textile art material that has a random structure, consisting of fine polyester filaments, and is rapidly becoming an ideal medium for textile art within the UK.

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Imagine a cloth that is as easy to work with as cotton, with a slight sheen, almost like silk, semi transparent like silk organza, that doesn’t fray, is easy to colour and work with. Impossible? Not any more!

The Lutradur polyester non woven fabrics come in weights ranging from 25gm up to 130gm (Plus the latest new heavier weight Lutradur XL).

Ideal for fiber art Lutradur is heat tolerant enough for transfer dyeing without melting using an iron, yet can also be melted with a heat gun or soldering iron to distress and distort it.

It can be painted with acrylic, textile or silk paints, accepts image transfers, even beeswax, easily and quickly. Ideal for quilting, embroidery and paper art applications such as scrapbooking and altered books.

We have been working with, and marketing Lutradur for over 18 years, which enables us to offer the user an extensive range of materials, weights and widths specifically for textile art.

Our long experience of working within the nonwovens industry, will further ensure our being able to offer and introduce new non woven materials into the fiber art sector, as they develop.
Evolon, from the producers of Lutradur is available in two qualities. Namely standard evolon and now new Evolon soft.
Just like Lutradur, you can sew it, cut it, glue it, spray it, embroider it, however due to its microfilament structure, evolon is much softer, and has the feel and texture of a traditional fabric.

Lutradur for card making – crafting

For those of you looking for something different to standard card and paper materials, Lutradur is now becoming a firm favourite with crafters and card makers, due to its total flexibility.

The wide range of weights available, make this a unique material to work with, not only for dyeing, colouring and painting, but also for stitching, whether using a single or a variety of different weights for each project.

The definition when printing onto Lutradur (particularly for the heavier weights) can produce excellent results.

A further advantage is that, just like paper it is possible to cut Lutradur to shapes, using scissors or a die-cutter, without the problem of fraying edges.

It is now possible to purchase A4 packs of Lutradur on line which include all of the currently available weights, or to start with why not try the Lutradur Sampler Pack .

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